Police rely on surveillance footage to solve crimes and prosecute offenders — are you protected?

With a blossoming tech industry, Austin has grown to be the ideal place for companies to set up shop. Whether you need to secure your office, restaurant, or small business, TC Tech Systems provides comprehensive CCTV surveillance systems to keep your business safe. TC Tech Systems has received the Security Contractor Company License from the Texas Department of Public Safety. This sophisticated business-class certification makes TC Tech Systems the experts in installing and maintaining IP surveillance camera systems for your business.

Keep your business secure with affordable, high quality, always-on CCTV surveillance systems.TC Tech Systems customizes every plan to fit your individual needs, so you can be confident that you’re not just getting an unboxing and setup, but a completely tailored surveillance outfit.

CCTV surveillance systems are perfect for business owners looking to add a layer of security to their workplace as a means of long term stability and reliability.


What is CCTV?

CCTV, or closed circuit television, uses security cameras that monitor and save videos of your place of business. Security systems help stop thefts and vandalism, protect you from liability claims, and can even improve employee efficiency.

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CCTV comes with these advantages:

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With a CCTV Camera System, you can rest assured that your valuable assets are safe and secure. Depending on your needs, TC Tech Systems can add parity to your surveillance system, so no matter what happens, the cameras never stop rolling.

Safety and security you can trust.

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Access Anywhere

Utilizing the latest IP Camera technology, you won't be tied down to a dedicated video room for your surveillance needs. With our expert service, you can access your security system from anywhere you are.

CCTV's always-on connection keeps you safe, always.

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TC Tech Systems is certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety with a Security Contractor Company License, so you can feel confident that your security installation will be professional, responsible and qualified.

Service you can feel safe and secure about.

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IP Surveillance Systems

IP Surveillance Systems are designed to accommodate saving digital HD video from security cameras to an easily accessible computer platform. With IP surveillance, you can zoom, monitor, save, track, and change settings, as well as remotely access your cameras. For superior picture quality, resolution, and customization, IP surveillance systems are the best choice.

For business use, IP video is recorded to a private network, a LAN, or saved to a remote server. We help find the best options for your needs, based on your specific criteria. TC Tech Systems makes installation easy, and IP surveillance systems allow for scalable growth in the future, so there’s no need to worry about outgrowing your security system.


Cameras running 24/7 require routine maintenance to ensure their longevity. TC Tech Systems works with you after your initial installation to provide you with quality support for any security help or maintenance you may have. Call TC Tech Systems for a free security consultation today!

Ask us how to get started with a CCTV and learn more about surveillance systems.

We’re eager to help your business needs with safety you can trust and security you can rely on.