Data Recovery Services in Austin, TX

Has your business lost important data in Austin? Whether your data was corrupted, compromised, damaged, deleted, or lost, we can help back it up and restore it with our top-notch data recovery services in Austin.

Why Data Recovery in Austin in Important for Your Business

In a digital economy, one where everything is online, having a backup of all your data, and a recovery plan for restoring it, is absolutely essential, and one that many businesses overlook.

After all, natural disasters, cyber-attacks, human error, and general service failures can all result in data loss, and it’s important to have a backup plan in case you need it. Having backups of your business data is the best way to keep your data secure and your company protected from potential threats.

With TC Tech’s first-rate data recovery services in Austin, we’ll help you restore your missing files, protect your business data from ransomware attacks, and ensure your operations continue to run seamlessly with a data recovery plan that’s perfect for your business. 

What Makes Our Austin Data Recovery Services Unique

The 3-2-1 Backup Rule

At TC Tech, we employ the 3-2-1 backup rule for all our clients’ data backups. This means we’ll create: 

  • 3 total backups of all of your data, including:
  • 2 complete backups on two, separate drives
  • 1 backup of your data offsite

Why 3 backups instead of 2?

With three backups (not two), we triple the security, significantly reducing the risk of losing your data. That way, if your computer’s local hard drive crashes, one backup that is readily available will allow you to continue work. Having a second copy may seem redundant, but can save time in the long run. In the event of a crash occurring with an external drive connection, a local second backup will allow you to continue to work on another computer while your crashed computer is serviced.

Moreover, an offsite archive offers enhanced security for your files. If your two external backups somehow become corrupted, lose data, or are damaged in a natural disaster, you still have a copy of your data.

Convenient Cloud Backup Solutions

It’s estimated that 57% of all cloud-based services are used for backups, and the number is expected to climb. Cloud backup is an excellent tool for storing small amounts of files in a safe and secure space.

If you need to protect your data, but want an easy and convenient solution, TC Tech Systems offers cloud solutions alongside our data recovery services in Austin. We can also help your business ‘configure the cloud’ to store your data offsite in the event of a disaster.

Testing and Validation Included

Backing up your data should never be a “set it and forget it” practice. That’s why TC Tech Systems actively tests and validates your backup technology on a consistent basis.

Our validation tests will assess two things:

1) How your data was backed up

2) The probability of future data loss

From these assessments, we’ll help optimize your backups to help ensure your data is never lost, and recommend a more secure or reliable data storage solution should you need it.

Protect Your Business from Data Loss in Austin!

If you need first-rate backup or data recovery in Austin Texas, you can count on TC Tech to deliver. Contact us today to get a free consultation and see what data recovery options are right for you.


Austin disaster recovery refers to services—typically provided by managed IT service providers in Austin—that are designed to protect their clients’ sensitive data in the event of a natural disaster, human error, or, all too common, equipment failure.

Disasters happen. Data recovery in Austin TX is important for all Austin businesses who want to stay secure and protected in the event that disaster strikes. By proactively taking steps to retain and recover data when disasters happen, businesses can save (and retrieve) sensitive or valuable data without missing a beat.

At TC Tech, we employ specific rules (such as the 3-2-1 rule) for backing up all our client’s data. By providing backup copies both locally and off-site, and in the cloud, we ensure all our clients are more than well-protected from unforeseen disasters or events.

TC Tech Systems offers comprehensive data backup and data recovery solutions in Austin.

Contact us today to find out how our recovery team can help your business stay protected when disaster strikes.