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Searching for smart home device installation for an apartment complex or other commercial property in Austin? We’re happy to provide a wide range of smart appliance installation services for businesses in the Austin area. From smart thermostats and lighting systems to home automation and surveillance, we have the knowledge and experience to help your business make the most of these technology solutions, and get them set up and running quickly.

At TC Tech, we specialize in providing customized solutions to fit your business needs, and our team of experts is available to provide personalized consultations and installation services for businesses of all kinds. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

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Upgrade Your Property to Peak Efficiency

Want to transform your building with cutting-edge smart apartment technology? How about revolutionize how your business operates? With the right smart appliances and our world-class help, you can easily make your property more efficient, secure, and comfortable—a win-win for your patrons and staff alike!

Smart Air & Water Systems

Smart air and water systems encompass a range of products including air & water filters and purifiers, humidifiers, and ventilation systems. We even offer spot leak detectors to help protect your property from water damage.

Smart Energy Systems

Smart energy systems, like WiFi thermostats and programmable light switches, can allow you to monitor and manage your energy usage, which can help reduce energy costs while making in-home comfort more convenient.

Smart Security Systems

Smart security systems can be used to keep your property safe with devices such as motion sensors, cameras, and access control systems that can be set up to monitor your residential or commercial building 24/7.

We Upgrade Commercial Properties of All Kinds

We’re happy to provide smart home technology for all kinds of different properties, from retail stores and commercial properties to startups and schools. No matter who you are or what kind of organization you run, we can help provide and install the smart devices you need, and configure them to ensure they work together flawlessly.

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Smart home devices are especially useful in apartments, where they can be used to do everything from automate lights, to upgrade door locks, thermostats, manage package delivery and more. And, since they provide a more modern, convenient, and secure look and feel, they’re quickly becoming a major selling point for prospective tenants.

Commercial Properties

Smart home devices can be used to monitor energy and resource usage and enhance the safety and security of nearly any kind of commercial building. You can even pair your devices with a state-of-the-art key fob system, to help you save money while enhancing security and convenience for everyone.

cctv in retail store

Retail Stores & Startups

In retail stores and startups specifically, smart home devices can be used to optimize the customer experience, both by keeping your building secure and making it user-friendly.

kids at school


Be it a public school or a private university, smart home devices can be used to monitor the safety of your building or area, provide access control to certain areas (such as teachers and not students), and alert authorities to any suspicious activity on your premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart home appliances can provide commercial properties with enhanced security, energy efficiency, convenience, and cost savings. Best of all, they allow for remote control and monitoring of systems, enabling property managers to better anticipate and respond to issues. They also have the potential to reduce energy consumption and costs, making them a great choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Smart home appliances come in a range of types, allowing property managers to tailor their smart home system to their individual needs. Examples of smart home appliances include smart thermostats, security cameras, lights, locks, and more.

Commercial properties should always ensure that their smart home systems are password-protected and use encryption to keep all data secure. You should also regularly update your software and devices to ensure that your systems are running the latest security patches and updates.

Yes! When designing a smart apartment building in Austin, there are many products to consider, and we can help you find, buy, and install each and every one of them. Some of the most popular products for smart apartments include smart locks, thermostats, and smart lighting, as well as security cameras, key fob systems, and voice assistants.

Additionally, it’s also important to ensure that the products you consider are compatible with each other, as well as compatible with your local infrastructure. For example, many apartments in Austin have access to high-speed internet, so it is important to select products that are compatible with your network. We can help you determine which products to consider based on your needs, budget, and preferences, while ensuring they’ll work seamlessly with each other, and your existing system.