Key Fob Services in Austin, TX

At TC Tech Systems, we like to keep ourselves and our customers at the forefront of technological innovation. That’s why we offer business solutions that keep you ahead of the competition. Integrate a key fob system with your business to add security to your building without the need for physical keys. Learn more about how this works below.

What is a Key Fob?

A key fob is a small electronic security device your employees or residents can carry inconspicuously on a key chain to securely access your commercial office or apartment building.

This method of access control is a simple but effective means of restricting who can access all or parts of your organization. They ensure the safety of everyone on your property.

Key fobs, or access control devices, are an excellent form of security for gated communities, apartment complexes, offices with restricted areas, parking garages, and more.


How do Key Fobs Work?

We work with 3xLogic to provide access control devices that use radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags. RFID key fobs allow the exchange of data by passively emitting electromagnetic waves. They require no batteries.

Proximity reader devices can be installed next to access points anywhere in your business or apartment complex. These devices are compatible with most access control systems and can be programmed to only open for your RFID key fobs during certain hours.

Proximity reader devices are installed at access points and are outdoor-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, elegant, and sleek.

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Mobile Phone App Access Control

Open Doors With the Convenience and Security of Your Mobile Device

Infinias Mobile Credential by 3xLogic is a mobile phone app that allows you to unlock doors without needing a keyfob, key or card. It comes with optional push notifications to stay up to date with any significant changes to the credentials of members in your organization. The app has advanced security features to ensure there’s no unwanted access to your credentials.


  • Improved efficiency for managing and securing your business
  • Reduced overhead, as there’s no need to issue new keyfobs or cards
  • Increased communication with your staff at all times

Access Control Keypad

Robust, Affordable, and Outdoor Friendly

Wiegand Keypads by 3xLogic eliminate the need to carry keys or cards. Simply select a secure PIN code and enter for access.


  • Stylish design is perfect for offices where aesthetics are key
  • Ensures the safety of employees and customers
  • Aluminum body can weather the elements year after year

What are the Advantages of Key Fob Access Control?

Key fob systems have three distinct characteristics that set them apart from other means of access control:

Long Shadow convenience Icon Convenience

With our help, key fobs are incredibly easy to install. Once they're in place, they require little to no maintainance. Even if you lose your key fob, you can have it quickly replaced for relatively little cost.

Better yet, unlocking doors is always quick and easy. Instead of having to fit a key into a lock or enter a PIN, all that's needed is to pass the key fob over the sensor.

Long Shadow Multimedia Icon Improved Security

Selective entry makes key fobs the most customizable secure access management solution. They are the ideal means of access control for commercial buildings with varying levels of restricted areas, such as research labs and areas housing computer servers.

Key fobs can also easily be programmed individually for cleaning crews and part-time staff to only allow entry during limited parts of the day. This benefit makes opening and closing each day an instantaneous and automated process.

Icon Long Shadow Dollar Sign Cost Savings

Key fobs offer far superior security than traditional keys. If an employee or resident loses or misplaces a regular key, that can put your whole office at risk of a break in. The only way to ensure it's secure it to change out all the locks. An extremely costly process.

With key fobs, however, any lost or stolen device can be instantly blocked. This removes the security threat without the need to make any changes to reader pads at access points.


Key fob security systems are a keyless security system that grants users access to a restricted area without requiring a physical key. This can give users (typically: employees, tenants, property owners, and security staff) access to doors and other devices within a designated facility.

Yes. Austin key fob security systems are called many different things, that essentially mean the same thing. Other common phrases include “door access control systems in Austin,” “smart door locks”, “Austin keyless entry systems,” and “building access control systems in Austin.”

Our door access control systems work using key fobs to permit entry. A key fob is a small hardware device with built-in authentication. Just like how a password can help you gain access to an online account, a key fob is a security token that can enable users to gain access to any electronically restricted resource—such as a locked door in a secure facility, or an electronic device.

You can learn more about door access control systems in Austin—also known as “Austin key fob security systems,” in our blog: What are Key Fob Security Systems.

Building access control systems in Austin can provide flexible security—in that they allow property owners to configure key fobs to work with multiple devices (including doors and electronic devices). This can provide reliable (battery-free) security that’s convenient for users—since they need only be in close proximity to the device they intend to open.

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TC Tech Systems is ready to prepare you for the future and keep you on the cutting edge once you’re there. We offer several solutions for your security needs and will continue to grow and maintain your security system with our superior customer service. We’re also available 24/7 with support for any of our solutions.

If you’re looking for a key fob access control system, look no further than TC Tech Systems. We’ll cover everything from setting it up to keeping it running.