Voice, Data and Cabling Services in Austin, TX

Structured cabling installations done right – on time and on budget.

Structured cabling is the backbone of your Local Area Network. Over 75% of today’s office cabling is incapable of supporting Gigabit connections for PC’s and internet access. Don’t let cabling slow you down.

TC Tech Systems can provide CAT5e, CAT6, coaxial, or fiber optic systems for small business, enterprise business, schools, apartment complexes and hotels. Our products and installations are always certified to insure maximum data throughout and include a lifetime warranty.

TC Tech Systems can assist with all of your communications needs . Our certified structured cabling team has the experience and expertise to complete any job, large or small.

We know the value of convenience. The ability to deliver advanced cabling technologies, deployed by trained & certified engineers, with a passion for exceptional customer service – that’s the TC Tech Systems advantage.

Worker Network Cabling

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Structured Cabling Services

TC Tech Systems can ensure that your company has a well-planned, properly installed cable system. When our install team comes in, we will give you the tools and the strategies to maintain your new infrastructure. Installation can be a hassle, so it is crucial that we work with clients to provide them with the education on proper upkeep if they need it.

We provide many structured cabling services for our clients in the Austin, TX area. We deal with many custom projects as well as standard cable needs. Some of the common services we do every day can include:

  • Full design, install, and approval process for your new cabling system
  • Full design, installation, and approval process for your new network
  • Single/Multi-Mode Fiber Optic cable termination and install process
  • Coaxial cable termination and install
  • Patch panel termination and install
  • Audio/Visual termination and install, including
    • Screen and Projector Install
    • LCD, LED, and/or Plasma television install

If you have any projects like these or even a custom project in the Austin area, contact the team at TC Tech Systems now.

Types of Cabling

TC Tech Systems deals with many types of cable. All of these forms have their own unique benefits. Your TC Tech Systems cable expert can sit down with you and walk you through which cabling is best for your business needs. Here are just some of the types of cable we deal with every day:

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Coaxial (coax) cables provide an interference-free transfer of high-frequency electrical signals, most commonly for cable TV, computers, surveillance cameras, and phone use. Built around concentric layers of conductors and insulation, each signal in a coax cable is inclosed, providing very little interference. Coax cables come in many cable types, with RG-6 being the most common.

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Category 5e

If you have a local area network (LAN) that needs to be connected, then you should be dealing with Category 5 cabling (CAT5e). This cable is best used with Ethernet in mind, with services that need secure, constant connection such as video and telephone. CAT5e is a versatile cable that is relatively easy to install in your workplace.

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Category 6

Category 6 (CAT6) is a powerhouse form of cabling which can clock in speeds of 10 GB per second. Earlier forms of cable found it hard to send that much data at one time without interference. CAT6 cables have virtually eliminated any interference. An installation of this type of cable is a bit trickier than others, as the cable is harder to work with, but the results will speak for themselves.

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Fiber Optic

Fiber optic cables are a huge leap from any other cabling before. The biggest reason is because fiber optics are not metallic. They are instead glass, plastic, and regular fibers. This lets a normal fiber optic cable download a two-hour high-definition movie in less than 30 seconds. Fiber optics can share a massive amount of data easily. There are many types of cables which can fit both the environment and the cost for your company.


These are only some of the wiring and structured cabling options available to you. If you have a project that seems a bit unusual, the team at TC Tech Systems can take a look at your job and figure out how we can work together. If you need it done, we can give you the solution.

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Network cabling, also known as “structured cabling” refers to the design and installation of “network cables”—cables used to connect and transfer data and information between computers, routers, switches and storage area networks throughout a building or campus “network.”

Yes. In fact, there are many different words frequently used to describe network cabling in Austin. The most common include “structured cabling,” “voice cabling,” and “data cabling in Austin.”

Structured cabling services are important for many Austin businesses to operate seamlessly in an always-on digital age. With cabling that’s adaptable to all present and future hardware uses, you can ensure that electronic information and media can be shared and delivered promptly, easily, and efficiently, between computers and other communication devices in your network.

TC Tech Systems wires whatever you need, however you need it.

If you have a business in the Austin, TX area that’s ready to push the limits of telecom tools, contact us now. Our structured cabling and wiring experts are standing by and prepared to assist you.