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Commercial Security Solutions in Central Texas

Since 1994, TC Tech Systems has helped Austin businesses with their security monitoring needs. Part of successful management is ensuring your business has the best security system technology and we believe we are the best solution for business owners in the Central Texas area.

Our security camera installations can help businesses in Austin save hundreds of thousands of dollars by stopping crime. Even better, choosing a surveillance system from us will cost you less than you think.

TC Tech Systems is proud to partner and offer the latest in surveillance technology from Alibi and Verkada for commercial businesses in Austin and surrounding areas.

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  • Innovative & Reliable
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When it comes to commercial security monitoring, nobody does it better. Protect your assets, employees, and patrons with nothing but the best from TC Tech Systems.

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Bringing Premium Security Right to Your Doorstep


Reliable Security Solutions

We’re not interested in only selling you a product. We’re in it to provide innovative solutions that will last you for years and help your business operations.


Intelligent and Friendly Customer Service

We invest in our staff and offer continuous training so that we can happily address any of your concerns. And since 1994, our clients enjoy relying on our helpful expertise and services.


Latest Technology Available

We keep up with the latest in the world of security technology. When you invest in our services, expect such products ready for your business.


In the Business for You

We do more than a job well done. We enjoy meeting with our customers in person to ensure our services align with their goals. We intend to make your business secure, stand out, and efficient to take it to the next level.

Affordable Full-Package Security Camera Systems for Austin Businesses

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Security Planning Personalized for Your Building

We can help identify the weak points in your business’ security. Our security specialist will then form a fully fleshed out security plan. We'll tailor your camera surveillance system for ultimate security.

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Access Live CCTV Footage Anytime

Our system records footage on a private network to ensure only business owners can access their feed. Our technicians will train you and your staff on how to use our system to easily access live or previous footage anytime as you see fit.

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Dedicated 24/7 Tech Support

TC Tech offers a 24/7 IT support team readily available to help you troubleshoot. We are proud to hold a Security Contractor Company License from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Call us or contact us online, we have the options you need to help protect your business.

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Custom Mobile Security Applications

Our Alibi and Verkada systems both have phone apps, developed custom for individual business security plans. Control security and receive immediate notifications at the palm of your hand.

TC Tech Systems can give you the installation and the solutions your video surveillance system needs.

If your Austin business needs security cameras, call us now and get a free demonstration of the services we offer.

Security Tech in Austin from the Most Reputable Brands

Cloud-Based Surveillance with Verkada Systems

We offer Verkada commercial surveillance cameras for businesses in Austin. Sleek and streamlined, they feature a hybrid-cloud system you can use from anywhere. Send and access encrypted footage saved on a private server.

Enhanced Night Vision

All Verkada security cameras come with infrared cut-off filters that adapt through various spectrums of light for a clear picture day and night.

HD Audio & Video

See footage optimized to perform past standard HD at 2048 by 1536 resolution — no grainy footage to interfere with your live feed at all times.

Tamper Resistant & Weatherproof

Verkada’s camera domes handle harsh weather and tampering, making them durable and always reliable for businesses.

Warranties Available

Verkada products have optional annual warranty subscriptions available at the time of purchase. Choose from 1, 3, or 5-year licenses and warranties

CCTV Surveillance with Alibi Systems

Pair Alibi systems with your network and for more localized HD video recording. Often a simpler solution for some Austin businesses, Alibi security cameras can easily integrate onsite with your router or ethernet ports and are accessible through your systems IP address.


Affordable Security Option

Alibi’s HD security cameras are a cost-effective alternative to analog CCTV video or cloud-based systems.

HD Audio & Video

Produces up to 1080p full high-definition video and records better than traditional analog CCTV systems, perfect for indoor and outdoor setups.

Compatible System

This system is compatible with security monitoring companies and can be set up to send email or alarm notifications, based on your preference.

Warranties Available

Alibi system warranties are available, 3-year parts and labor, with no annual license fees.

Protect Your Business & Patrons

Get your commercial security camera system at an affordable price with TC Tech Systems. We offer the best surveillance options at competitive prices in the Central Texas area. Start with a free consultation today!