Installation of Security Cameras in Austin, TX

The presence of security cameras can drop crime rates by as much as 20% in one month1. It has also helped law enforcement in their investigations by roughly 29%2. Most importantly, security cameras in Austin have helped businesses save hundreds of thousands of dollars by stopping crime1.

Since 1994, TC Tech Systems has helped Austin businesses with their security issues. Our team of trained experts works with you to create an in-depth security camera layout to keep your business and home safe.

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How We Help Your Surveillance System

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Custom Security Plan

We work with you to identify weak points in your home or business’s security. We then provide an installation plan to go with it. TC Tech Systems customizes your security to fit your individual needs. You’re not getting an unboxing and setup, but a completely tailored surveillance system.

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Access Footage Anywhere

From there, we install security cameras that work with your computer or mobile device.IP video is recorded to a private network, a LAN, or saved to a remote server. This allows for scalable growth in the future, so there's no need to worry about outgrowing your security system.

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24/7 Tech Support

And, if you have any problems, TC Tech Systems provides 24/7 support for your security cameras. TC Tech Systems has received the Security Contractor Company License from the Texas Department of Public Safety. This certification makes TC Tech Systems the experts in surveillance system maintenance and installation.

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App Integrations

We also integrate any pre-existing alarms with your security systems. From access alarms, fire alarms, to motion detectors and more, we design your security system to be as comprehensive as possible.

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