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Austin businesses can’t run without effective and reliable lines of communication. TC Tech Systems is prepared with the equipment and the know-how to get your business’s communication network up and off the ground so your customers have a direct line to you. We’ll handle all the setup, train you and your staff, and assist you with live support when you need our help.

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Since 2001, Zultys has become a trailblazer in lightning-fast telephone service. This is thanks in part to its innovative approach to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. Instead of being tied to a landline, the IP phone system can make phone calls through the internet.

VoIP phones get rid of landline and data costs. Instead, both are combined into one easy-to-manage package that only increases in value. It is a great way to replace an old landline for your business.

If you do not want an VoIP phone, Zultys has products that fit your needs. Handset phone units that connect to a landline are also ready from Zultys, allowing you to use your system with the enhanced features for which the company is known.

Zultys can also provide mobile phones that offer instant messaging and full connectivity to cellular networks. In addition, Zultys offers their patented Presence system that allows for you to know the location of your employees. Zultys mobile phones can also hop onto an IP PBX system to prevent more costs from piling on.


Avaya’s phone services work with a wonderful program known as the IP Office™ Platform. You have full functionality of your phone systems via your landlines, cordless, or mobile phones within your company.

IP Office can use up to 1,000 users at 32 different locations. Together, they have access to all of your company’s media and voice platforms. This allows for your conversation to migrate from the phone to the computer. Instead of being tethered to one form of media, combine your services with IP Office.

IP Office also allows for full communication on any desktops or laptops. This includes video calls, teleconferencing, or even just a phone call. Telephone Connection, along with Avaya, wants to provide you with a tool that will let your business keep going no matter the form of your communication.

Interested in an IP Office? TC Tech Systems offers not only a traditional onsite IP Office but also a Virtual IP Office. With the Virtual IP Office, pay a small monthly fee only for the phones you need. The monthly fee includes the service, maintenance, and long distance without equipment to purchase or maintain. Contact us to discuss which IP Office solution is right for your company.

Polycom VVX 600

TC Tech Systems can give you the installation and the solutions your phone systems need.

Don’t struggle to look for companies to handle all of your communications. Get one service that takes care of it all for you, from beginning to end. If your Austin business needs phone systems, call us now and get a free demonstration of the services we offer.

Freedom Voice

FreedomVoice has been helping small businesses grow with reliable phone systems since 1996. FreedomVoice offers VoIP services with CloudPhone and hosted PBX solutions with CloudPBX.

CloudPhone provides small businesses with enterprise quality phone systems with unlimited calling for one rate. Installation is easy, and the system allows users to use their cell phones as phones when they’re not in the office. CloudPhone is softphone compatible, and easy to grow with your business.

CloudPBX is a scalable cloud-based phone system designed with growth in mind. Phones are professionally installed by TC Tech Systems technicians, and support both desktop and mobile softphone applications. Paired with the FreedomVoice mobile app, you can manage your business calls, voicemail, and faxes from your smartphone.

For small businesses looking to keep mobile while maintaining a professional environment? FreedomVoice’s CloudNumber allows you to purchase an 800 number or local number in any area code and manage your calls and faxes from anywhere. It’s easy as choosing your new number and choosing which number to route it to.


Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI) offers business phone systems and cloud services that focus on simplicity and integration. Since 1987, ESI has provided quality solutions to meet all business needs, and specializes in superior technical support. Together with TC Tech Systems, growing your business with ESI is easy.

ESI’s ePhone7 business phone provides a smartphone experience to your desktop. With a tablet-sized touchscreen replacing traditional buttons, it’s easy to record, view corporate directories with names instead of numbers, and sync with your personal contacts. Instead of button programming and codes, the ePhone7 platform simplifies your whole experience.

ESI Cloud PBX delivers phone services to the user on their desk phone, desktop or mobile device, to fully integrate it with your business needs. With Intelitouch, users can integrate their phone and desktop interface seamlessly, and are built together instead of leaving a fragmented approach to usability.

Looking to save on your connectivity? Not ready to move 100% into the cloud? ESI’s Hybrid Cloud Services can reduce the cost of your connectivity by up to 50% by merging an on-site VoIP phone system with cloud connectivity. ESI also offers on-premise VoIP phone systems for those who want complete control over their digital and IP functionality.