Free yourself from servers and unnecessary equipment with cloud based phone systems. Communications networks in the cloud are hosted off-site, which gives your business the freedom to grow without the limitations of space. TC Tech Systems and FreedomVoice bring the fastest, most reliable and scalable cloud phone solutions with local support to your business.

How it Works

Using a Cloud PBX system prevents you from owning any of the costly, bulky, and hard-to-maintain hardware that traditional PBX systems require. All of the infrastructure needed to run your business communication can be managed by your VoIP provider, including any PBX you wish to install.

All services are hosted off-site on a cloud computing network, and provided at a recurring fee.

Why Should I Switch to a Cloud Phone System?

  • Ease of Use
  • Communication anytime, anywhere
  • Integration
  • Connect workers from all parts of the globe on one hosted network
  • Reliability
  • Don’t worry about IT problems – your network is maintained by your host
  • Scalability
  • With no new equipment to install, the sky is the limit for the size of your business

Business Cloud Solutions with FreedomVoice

TC Tech Systems has joined with FreedomVoice to bring a personal, friendly, business-oriented communication experience to you. FreedomVoice maintains a nationwide network of service providers with unparalleled IT support. The entire FreedomVoice team understands and works with the needs of growing businesses.

Features of FreedomVoice

Your cloud phone system from FreedomVoice is designed to work with businesses and integrate with users.

Standard Features
For users:

  • 3-way calling
  • Call waiting, transfer, & blocking
  • Caller ID
  • Intercom
  • Queuing
  • And more!

For businesses:

  • Unlimited local & long distance in the US
  • Extension dialing
  • Hold music and message
  • Simple, on-line administration
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Other Available Features
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Call Recording
  • Professional Voice Recordings
  • Toll-free numbers

What’s Different About FreedomVoice?

Flexible Setup

FreedomVoice sets up a network for you that plugs directly into the internet service you already have. They can tailor a system that fits the needs of your company while helping you cut costs and maximize profits.

Unprecedented Support

They will keep your connections up through inclement weather and unstable conditions. You can count on your communications staying available when you need them most.

Personal Touch

Let us handle maintenance of your system while you run your business. If you run into problems, they’ll be there to help you with a smile and a friendly voice.

Let your business’s voice be heard – without the hardware.

Open your communication to the cloud with TC Tech Systems and FreedomVoice phone systems today!